Tony Hall

Mike is a very detailed and capable engineer. Real world system knowledge and attention to detail are essential aspects of any simulation work. Mike is also good at building relationships and gaining the confidence of his clients and co-workers. Mike really understood what he needed to get done and would do whatever it takes to get the best results possible for his employer and their clients. Mike is a true professional.

— Tony Hall, President, Integrity Staffing

Ian McGregor

Mike has an extremely thorough approach which serves him well in an industry where the devil is often in the detail. He has a profound understanding of material handling issues which comes from a rare combination of wide experience in the field and the in-depth analysis that simulation demands. His broad understanding of the issues and real appreciation of how automated systems are used enable him to rapidly identify and signal problem areas, and highlight where additional effort will be most efficiently applied.

— Ian McGregor, Director, Emulate3D Ltd.

Jim Henriksen

One of the key aspects of providing high quality software is seeking and listening to advice and comments from software users. Over the past several years, I have had a lot of interaction with Mike Allen. He has been a valuable source of helpful insights, particularly so during the development of new extensions to Wolverine Software's SLX. Mike has always taken the time to construct carefully worded, in-depth comments, often accompanied by examples that illustrate his points. I have been extremely impressed by the diversity of his experience and the depth of his insights.

— Jim Henriksen, President, Wolverine Software Corp.
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